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I have a programming background, having completed an Advanced Certificate in Programming Technology with Computer Power Training Institute in 1992. I then spent seven years working primarily as a Relational Database Developer for several companies in Canberra and Sydney.

It was during this time that I realised I was a better writer than a programmer, so I decided to make the switch to Technical Writing as a career. I completed a Diploma in Communication (Technical) with the Canberra Institute of Technology in 1998.

My programming background has meant that the majority of my writing experience has been documenting software packages including:

  • Relational database systems for Logical Solutions and Millpost Technologies
  • Legal accounting software for Perfect Technology
  • GIS software for MapInfo
  • Web-based recruitment portals for RecuitASP
  • Industrial Control and Digital Video Management software for Honeywell.

I have written a variety of documents including:

  • User and system administration documentation
  • System analysis and design documents
  • Procedure documents
  • Responses to Request for Tender, Request for Interest, and Request for Proposal documents
  • White papers
  • Use Case scenarios
  • Quality Assurance procedures adhering to the appropriate Australian and International Standards.

I have worked with the Astoria Content Management System using an ArborText editor to edit the data. I was instrumental in converting unstructured FrameMaker documents to structured documents and applying DITA topic types to the content. I was heavily involved in the verification of the new content management system data with the original FrameMaker documents, which was time consuming and required attention to detail to pick up and resolve any discrepancies.

My excellent written communication skills are often used in a non-technical capacity assisting sales and marketing teams with the writing, editing, and proof-reading of a variety of documents, such as:

  • Marketing material
  • Client proposals
  • Technical analysis documents
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Google Ad copy.