Software Used
Skills Used


I have approximately 5 years experience as an Instructional Designer designing and writing eLearning and workbook based courses. The majority of this work was undertaken with Infosentials and Webster Publishing, but as part of my Technical Writing career, I have designed, written and even delivered training courses.



I have participated in all the steps of the eLearning project development cycle. I have performed needs analysis, designed course outlines, researched information, written and built the learning modules and tested and performed quality assurance on modules built by other team members.

At Webster Publishing, I managed a small team of eLearning Courseware developers who were involved in the building, editing and testing of eLearning modules and I was responsible for the successful completion and implementation of the projects within the set project schedule.

The majority of the training I have created has been for desktop applications including:

  • Microsoft Office - basic and advanced courses
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • WordPerfect
  • Web Design using FrontPage
  • OpenOffice
  • Linux
  • Internet and Email
  • Computer Skills training for Year 6 and Year 10 students based on the NSW Board of Studies curriculim
  • Certificate I and II in Information Technology based on the TAFE NSW curriculum.

In addition to desktop applications, I have researched and written a number of courses for business skills such as Employment Law, Communication and Occupational Health and Safety. These modules were included in the Certificate I and II in Information Technology courses.

I also wrote the majority of the International Computer Drivers Licence (ICDL) courseware for Webster Publishing. Webster Publishing was the first Australian company to have it's online ICDL courseware accredited by the certifying body in Ireland, which was a major achievement for me.

At RecruitASP I created online traning courses and help content using Qarbon Viewlet Builder. The viewlets were used for the training of both staff and clients and as sales demonstrations. The scripts I wrote to assist me with the building of viewlets were adopted by the sales team and used as a basis for sales demonstrations and by the Project Manager for system testing.



I have written and updated a number of training workbooks that have been used for classroom-based and self-paced training. The topics covered in the workbooks include:

  • Certificate II in Information Technology modules
  • MYOB V10
  • Various relational database systems developed by Logical Solutions
  • Web-based recruitment portals for RecuitASP.

I have also updated a book on PowerPoint 2000 and compiled a book on Office 2000. These books were destined for retail publication, but the company for which I wrote them decided it was more financially viable to sell them on the Internet as PDFs so they were never published.



I have delivered a number of training courses using courseware that I have written as well as courseware written by others. Although delivering training is not my forté, I am a confident presenter and can communicate effectively with my class.

I worked as a Trainer for FutureOne for a few months delivering training to Gateway Computer customers and other members of the public. I was training people of varying ages, computer experience and backgrounds. I delivered the training using courseware provided and used examples and analogies from my own experience to help the students gain a good understanding of the material presented.

The courses I have delivered include:

  • Training on various relational database systems produced by Logical Solutions
  • WebAniThing - eLearning software developed by Infosentials
  • KnowledgePresenter - eLearning software developed by Kookaburra Studios
  • Getting Started with Windows
  • Organising and Customising Your Computer Using Windows
  • Surfing the Web and Using E-mail.